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Benifits of the FamilySearch Wiki to a FamilySearch Center

General Wiki History

What A Wiki Is

A wiki is a website where every page can be edited in a web browser, by whomever happens to be reading it. Wiki is a Hawaiian word meaning "fast" or "quick".


the FamilySearch Wiki

Advantages to Using the FamilySearch Wiki

  • A great place to get free Family History Research advice *Using Place Search - learn more about the place your ancestors lived
  • Accessible from anywhere with a web connection

How It Can Help Your FSC

Cases Studies using the Wiki

The following case studies show how researchers used the Wiki to lead them to further information about their ancestors. Click on the case you would like to view.

Example using vital records
Example Finding Information about a locality
Example Finding a person

Each of these cases involved different research needs, methods of searching, and results.  They are good examples of how the Wiki can be used to help find information that would lead to the desired results.