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HendricksonP 98.JPG  Patsy Hendrickson, AG

Patsy began working for the Family History Department in 1975.  She spent the first four years as a Spanish language microfilm evaluator followed by thirteen years as a cataloger of Spaish language materials.  Most recently she has served as a Research Consultant in the United States and Canada Reference Unit.


BA in Spanish with a minor in English from Brigham Young University, 1971.


Patsy is credentialed by ICAPGen in LDS Research since 2001. She has a certificate in Advanced Methodology from IGHR at Samford, University in Birmingham, Alabama, and a certificate from NIGR (National Institute of Genealogical Research) at the National Archives in Washington, DC.


Patsy has has in-depth knowledge of LDS sources at the Family History Library, the Church History Library, and on the internet. She has taught on various topics at conferences, expos and family history fairs. Topics include LDS subjects, various United States research topics, and writing personal and family narratives.

SShe has spent many years researching her ancestral families in the United States: primarily in the West, the South, the Mid-Atlantic States, and New England. She also enjoys researching her Swedish-Finn ancestors from Vasa, Finland. Another love is writing family narratives.

She is a member of UGA (Utah genealogical Association) where she currently serves as a board member of that organization.