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I am James Anderson, user of FamilySearch Wiki, I've been involved in Family History for much of my life.  Outside of family history/genealogy I've worked recently on movies as a volunteer crewman and have also been working towards things in music production.

My research interests include Finland, British Isles, and US research, I also am helping some people try to find out how to research in less-covered areas of the world in family history, e. g. Guatemala, etc.

I regularly attend the user group meetings, and have found them very useful in learning about the wiki and also working through ideas I have, so whether they take root or not, it's still worth it for the discussion of them. 

I have also updated my talk page to make it a discussion point for issues I see as significant to the wiki and finding ways to make this site much better.  Not that anything is bad, it's already quite good.  I'll add discussion points as things come up that I think might be useful to the wiki generally.