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 Historical Braddock's Road
Cumberland md braddock road.jpg

Historical Background

This road was the first road to cross overland through the Appalachian Mountains. Major General Edward Braddock was given orders by the British government to widen the road which had started to be covered over with foliage .The road was used very little during the Revolutionary War. Braddock took 600 soldiers to work the old road, The road need to be wide enough to accommodate wagons and animals, as well as the siege artillery that they brought along use against For Duquesne. In 1755 they set out from Fort Cumberland through Maryland to Fort Duquesne. The General’s axe men cut a 12-foot road through the trees. The road when through Maryland and Pennsylvania to the Potomac River at Cumberland, Maryland, with the Monongahela River at Turtle Creek which is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania now.

The following Markers in Fayette County have similar story .

Settlers and Records


Settlers and Records