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Proposed Wiki Design Elements

by Jane's committee on how to use the wiki

  • Our approach is to create 2 new pages and add links to & from other existing pages

Material to be added to the wiki

1. Wiki Research toola, tips & tricks

2. Beginning Editing/writing for the wiki

3. Add a blurb on the front page that links to the "What the wiki is, and isn't" , with links from that page back to the main wiki page and to basic research tips and editing/contribution tips. It is essential to all users to know the scope of the wiki. 


Using the Wiki for Research

Tools, Tips & Tricks

The FamilySearch Research Wiki 

  • What is it? What you can expect to find on it to help you discover your ancestors.

Wiki Research Basics

Following are 5 Essential tips for understanding and using the wiki. "The things I wish I had known when I started using the wiki."

Navigation Menu

On the left side of the page, you may see a Table of Contents box. It is a list of the major sections of the page. Click on any heading in that table and you'll be taken to that heading on the page. Smaller articles do not have a contents box.

On the right side of every page, there are three boxes which will enhance your Wiki experience.

  • Search Learning & How-to's (top) is a search box. Type search terms in the box and then click on the magnifying glass to search the wiki. Or you can browse by clicking on by country or by topic.
  • New to the Research Wiki (middle), guides you to basic information on the Wiki. Click on the Learn More line.
  • Views, Toolbox, Community and Personal tools (bottom) are four sections separated by a thin white line. Hover over any section with your mouse and it will turn dark purple. Click on the dark purple bar to open the section and reveal a number of tools and tasks. Hover over the tool/task name and a yellow pop-up box will display a brief explanation of the topic. Click on the name to open the topic.

Watching a Page

Every day information is added to the wiki. Pages that relate to your research interests may change. An email will be sent to you when new information is added to the page–If you place a "watch" on that page. An almost effortless way to keep up with the latest information on the page. You must be registered to use this feature, so that the wiki knows your email address
Help:Watchlist Help:How to Register with the Wiki

Discussion Pages

All Wiki articles have an associated Discussion (also known as "Talk") Page, accessible via a tab at the top left of your page. Here people leave comments or questions about the content of that page. Check this page to see if there is additional information about the content of the page, or to post a question about related content that is not on the page. You must be registered to use this feature.
Help:Discussion Pages (Talk Pages}

Research Forum

You can ask research questions here. Other genealogists will offer suggestions to help you answer the question, and hopefully extend your research. You may also find other genealogists with similar research interests and/or helpful information on the Forum that was posted by others.You must be registered to use this feature. Research Forum

Navigating The Wiki

  • Note the 4 purple boxes on the right side of this page (Views, Toolbox, Community, Personal tools). This is knows as the "Navigation Bar" or "Nav Bar"
  • Each of the boxes contains tools to help you use the wiki. Click Here to learn about these tools and how to use them..

Searching the Wiki

(how to find stuff)

Basic Searches
Watch a Video about searching the Wiki Watch a video.png


Communicating with Others

Community Meetings

About Genealogy Research --links to 

ways to get involved

About specific wiki pages

Discussion/Talk pages


More About Researching on the Wiki

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