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|3={{User France GRC}}
|3={{User France GRC}}
|4={{User Scotland GRC}}
|4={{User Scotland GRC}}
|5={{User Kansas GRC}}
|5={{User California GRC}}
|6={{User Ohio GRC}}
|6={{User Kansas GRC}}
|7={{User Utah GRC}}
|7={{User Ohio GRC}}
|8={{User Virginia GRC}}
|8={{User Utah GRC}}
|9={{User Virginia GRC}}
}} {{userboxbreak|toptext=Genealogy Projects}} {{Collapsible list
}} {{userboxbreak|toptext=Genealogy Projects}} {{Collapsible list
|1={{User FamilySearch Indexing}}
|1={{User FamilySearch Indexing}}

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Lee lives in Utah. Contact him via his wiki talk page, or on his FamHistTwitter, Facebook, Google+ and  About sites.

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Genealogy Projects
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  • Lifelong Researcher: Denmark, England, France, Scotland & United States
  • Plymouth, MA Families
  • New England Families
  • Genealogy Researcher 55+ years
  • Family History Instructor 35+ years
  • Featherstone Society U.S. Representative

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