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This is a sandbox area. It is a experimentation area and often contains disposable content. It's a place to practice editing.

                   What are you looking for? 

Type Type

1. Birth Information

2. Marriage Information

3. Death Information

4. Records showing Family Structure

5. Records of Moving and Migration

6. A Place of Origin in Sweden

7. People in Major Cities

8. Information about soldiers or sailors

9. Historical Maps

10. Databases that might help

                               Jurisdictions and Records

Civil JurisdictionsJudicial JurisdictionsMilitary JurisdictionsChurch JurisdictionsSwedish Juris Bar 1.jpg

        Civil Jurisdictions           Judicial Jurisdictions         Military Jurisdictions      Church Jurisdictions

Civil RecordsJudicial RecordsArmy RecordsChurch Records4 Open Books Next to Each Other.jpg

    Civil Records                      Judicial Records               Army / Naval Records          Church Records