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Title: Historical Maps of Sweden

Whether you are working in Swedish church, taxation, or military records, there are lots of references to place names. These places names show where people lived. With this information, you can find the place on a historical map (a map that was created close to the time period they lived in.)

To see the place where your ancestor lived, on a map that was created in the time period they lived, is really exciting. The information you see on the map can be used in your research strategy or to enhance your family history. A huge amount of historical maps have survived in Sweden. Find the time period you need on the table below to see what historical maps are available. Use the links in the Tools area when you do the actual searching.


  • Scales on Maps
  • Linear Measurments in Sweden
  • Word List for Historical Maps
  • Lantmäteriet Website (direct link)
  • Krigsarkivet Website (direct link)
  •  ? SVAR Historical Maps

Types of Historical Maps

Name Time Period Number of Maps

Äldre geometriska kartor

  • Also called Geometriska jordeböcker. These maps are visual tax records. See the Äldre geometriska kartor records page.
1600's 12,000

Geometriska kartor

  • Arial views of residential and cultivation areas. See the Geometriska kartor records page.
early 1700's - 1750 Unknown


  • Maps from the 1st land reform. See the Storskifte records page.
1750's - 1820 40,000


  • Maps from the 2nd land reform. See the Enskifte records page.
1803 - 1827 Unknown


  • Maps from the 3rd land reform. See the Lagaskifte records page.
1828 - 1926 Unknown

Krigsarkivets Maps

  • Maps in the Krigsarkivets collection. See the Maps in Krigsarkivet records page.
1600's - early 1800's 35,000

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