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For Jeff and Mark:

Record Content

The Swedish church records are a wonderful resource for family history. As you search these records you will find that there is a great diversity of formats which was influenced by time period and the church authorities. In this collection you will find: 

Husförhörslängder, Archive code: AI. These are the household examination records. By law the parish priest had to meet with everyone in his parish once a year. The purpose of these visits was to assess their gospel knowledge, and note when they last took communion. During the visit he would record thier names, place of residence, their age or birth information, and moving information, along with other notes. To learn more about this record type see: Household Examination Records

In - och Utflyttningslängder, Archive code: B. These are the parish moving in and out records. By law everyone had to be recorded in a home parish. When you moved to another place, you had to report where you where going to. After getting to the new location, you were supposed to notify the priest of your arrival. To learn more about this record type see: Swedish Moving In and Out Records

Födelse- och dopböcker, Archive code: C. These are the records of all the births, and christenings that were performed within a parish. The content will vary depending on who was keeping the records. In these records you will find the dates of birth and christening (depending on the format), name of the child, the father, the mother (depending on the format), the place of residence, and the names of godparents. To learn more about this record type see: Swedish Birth and Christening Records

Lysning- och vigselböcker, Archive code: E. These are the records of all engagements and marriages that were performed within a parish. In these records you will find the dates of engagement, banns, and marriage (depending on the format), the names of the bride and groom, the current place of residence of the bride and groom, and maybe other information. To learn more about this record type see: Swedish Engagement and Marriage Records

Död- och begravningsböcker, Archive code: F. These are the records of all deaths that happened, and burials that were performed in a parish. In these records you will find the date of death and burial (depending on the format), the name of the deceased, the last place of residence of the deceased, the age at the time of death, and the cause of death. To learn more about this record type see: Swedish Death and Burial Records.

Räkenskaper, Archive code: L. These are the parish accounts books that record donations and expenditures. Usually when a christening, marriage, or burial was performed a donation was given to the parish. If there is a gap in the birth, marriage, or death records this can be a source to see if any of those events took place. To learn more about this record type see: Swedish Church Accounts Record.

Potentially Other Records. As you search these parish records you might find other record types mixed in. If you are unsure what record type you are looking at, you can post a query on the FamilySearch Forums: Sweden for assistance.

How to Use this Digital Collection

To use these digital records you must know the name of the parish that your ancestors lived in. As these records are written in Swedish, you will need to learn some vocabulary and get familiar with the style of handwriting. You will find that each record has its own unique format. Usually there is a table of contents to find the section you need. To learn more about Swedish research strategies see the Strategies and Steps section on the Sweden page of the FamilySearch Wiki. Other tools such as Swedish Genealogical Word Lists and Handwriting Courses will help you to use this collection.

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