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Robin Foster
My name is Robin Foster. I have been a contributor to the wiki since 2008. After account migration, my original username a_forever_family could no longer be accessed, and I lost all record of my contributions.

Hence, I registered using SavingStories, so that I could continue contributing. I am a regular presenter at genealogy workshops and I always show the wiki to attendees who go away overjoyed at the potential of this tool to help those who use it to discover resources to identify their ancestors.

I have been researching my own genealogy and helping others find resources to document ancestors since 1985.  In 2011, I help to create the FamilySearch Genealogy Research Communities on Facebook.  I am well versed on how to use each FamilySearch Product, and I enjoy helping others in online communities and offline presentations find access to these great genealogical tools.

On April 30, I became a member of the FamilySearch Wiki Support Team, and I am excited to continue to devote my time and talents to the wiki as well as to work closer with the great people who have dedicated so much of their efforts to make this tool what it is today.