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African American Resources for Texas

Voter's Registrations of 1867

The 1867 Voter Registration includes names of voters who registered in the period between 1867 and 1869. In cases where African Americans registered, their race is specified as "colored."  Voter's registrations are among the few records which document African American males prior to 1870.  The following information is included: 

Place of residence
Length of residence (in state, in county, in precinct)
Native country or state
If naturalized, how, when, and where
General Remarks--race is noted when the registrant was "colored"

The records are catgorized by county.  When searching, pay close attention to other individuals with the same surname.  They may be related.  In some cases, whites with the same name may be members of the former slave holding family. 

Voters' Registrations of 1867 are available on microfilm at the Texas State Archives.