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'''Don Stringham''' (oldstinger) works in [[Salt Lake City, Utah|Salt Lake City]], [[Utah]].
Contact him via [[User talk:StringhamDB|his talk page]] or his [http://forums.familysearch.org/en/member.php?u=295 FamilySearch Forum profile].
:Technical Lead FamilySearch Wiki & Forums
:Product Engineering
:Family History Dept.
{{User box top|aligh=right}} {{User RootsTech 2011}} {{User en}} {{Sysopub}} {{User Wiki Maintenance}} {{User NGS2010}} {{User box bottom}}
[http://stringhamfun.com/wp-content/uploads/rootstech/WikiText_Presentation.pptx RootsTech 2011 WikiText Development Slide Deck]
[http://stringhamfun.com/wp-content/uploads/rootstech/WikiText_Presentation.pptx RootsTech 2011 How to Speak to an Engineer Slide Deck]

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