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A Little About Me

As a child, there were three things that I wanted to grow up to become: a teacher, a librarian, and a detective. All those dreams were fulfilled when I became a genealogist.

A good genealogist is, by nature, a detective. You need to be, in order to find the real information about your ancestors.

There are no credentialed initials following my name, as I have no desire to earn money in this field. Nonetheless, I have been teaching genealogy, from beginning to advanced courses, for over twenty years.

Besides my own research, I have done research (at no charge, of course) for many, many others. Helping them overcome their brick walls, while leaving them with a researching, organizing and sourcing pattern to follow, has been a pleasure. Seeing the light in their eyes, as they took off with their newfound passion for genealogy, has brought much joy.

Having worked in a Family History Center for thirteen years, besides working in and reorganizing another small library, fulfilled the last of those dreams.

Now, as a volunteer, I add content to the FamilySearch Research Wiki, and help with training, so that any knowledge and skills I have acquired can be shared with others.