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Denmark Estates

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Adelersborg see Dragsholm.Holbæk - Draft
Åberg, Ringkøbing-Draft Infobox
Abildgård, Thisted - Draft
Dragsholm.Holbæk - Draft
Ågård, Holbæk - Draft
Aagard, Thisted - Draft
Agersøgård, Sorø - Draft
Agersbøl, Vejle - Draft
Aggersvold, Holbæk - Draft
Ahlefeldt, Svendborg - Draft
Gudumlund, Aalborg - Draft Infobox
Åkær, Århus - Draft Infobox
Albæk, Aalborg - Draft Infobox
Torstedlund, Aalborg - Draft Infobox


Ålegård gods (Hjørring)
Oxholm - connected with Ålegård Probate & Fæstebreve
Frisenborg gods (Skanderborg)
Favrskov gods (Århus)

To Do

Guntved og Bøstrup godser see Ågård, Holbæk
Helsingegård, Holbæk see Ågård
Søgård og Årtoft godser (Åbenrå) re; Ahlefeldt
Broløkke gods (Odense) re; Ahlefeldt
Lykkesholm gods (Svendborg) re; Ahlefeldt
Ågerup-Kirkerup sognekalds mensalsgods, København
Ålborg hospital gods (Ålborg)
Ålborg Vor Frue pastorats gods (Ålborg)
Ålebækgård gods (Præstø)
Ålegård gods (Hjørring)
Algestrup gods (Holbæk)
Algestrup og Egemarke godser (Holbæk)
Alhedens kolonier (Viborg)
Ålholm og Christiansholm godser (Maribo)
Alkestrup-Egemarke gods Regimentsskriver (København)
Allinggård gods (Viborg)
Åløkkegård gods (Odense)
Alsted gods (Vejle)
Alsted-Bjergby mensalgods (Thisted)
Ålstrup gods (Maribo)
Ålykkegård gods (Svendborg)
Anneberg og Ellingegård godser (Holbæk)
Anst-Gesten præstegods (Ribe)
Antvorskov gods (Sorø)
Århus 5. lektiehørers gods (Randers)
Århus bispestols gods (Århus)
Århus domkirkes gods (Århus)
Århus domkirkes øverste kapellanis gods (Århus)
Århus Frue præsts gods (Århus)
Århus hospitals gods (Århus)
Århus hospitalspræsts gods (Århus)
Århus konrektorats gods (Århus)
Århus lektorats gods (Århus)
Århus rektorats gods (Århus)
Århus stiftsprovstis gods (Århus)

Citing FamilySearch Historical Collections

When you copy information from a record, you should list where you found the information. This will help you or others to find the record again. As these records are available from several sites, the source citation should clearly identify the original source.  If your genealogical database allows it, the unique information specific to the provider of the image or record should be included in your source details, and not be included as if it were the original source.

Citing This Collection

The following citation examples refers to the original source of the data and images published on Historical Records.  Each identifies the geographic location of and name of the parish, the volume, page, and entry number where the information was found.

Identifying the collection using the title of the Historical Records collection (for example, Sweden, Jönköping Church Records, 1581-1935; index 1633-1860) obscures the actual source of the information, and is not recommended.

Examples of Source Citations for a Record Found in This Collection

  • Sweden, Jönköping. Värnamo församling. C I Födelse- och dopböcker. Huvudserien 1, 1825-1854, p. 175 #7. Baptism of Johan August Andreasson.
  • Svenska kyrkan. Värnamo socken, Jönköping. Födelse- och dopböcker, C I:1 (1825-1854): 175 #7
  • Svenska kyrkan. Värnamo socken, Jönköping. C 1 (1825-1854):175 #7

The first sample is cut and pasted from the browse hierarchy displayed on Historical Records.  The second sample provides the same information with some non-essential elements removed.  The second and third samples use the same authority as found in the Family History Library Catalog with the county name added.  This is important as there are several places in different counties in Sweden that have the same name.  In the second sample the name of the record series is omitted for brevity.  The second and third samples also omit the name of the principal in the record as it more appropriately belongs in citation detail.

Coverage Table Tips

To get numbers to right align properly (like numbers should), place this code somewhere in the spreadsheet you are using to create the table.

style="text-align:right" | 

Make sure you include a space after the pipe. Use the Concatenate function to concatenate this with the numeric value. Like this:


Where the style instructions are located in K1 and the numeric value is in J2.
If the numbers won't format properly with a thousands separator "," (or whatever value you need), use this code to force the formatting, then refer to the formatted cell in the Concatenate function.


Sample Estate Table

Probate records
County District City Place Dates
Holbæk Ods Fårevejle Adelersborg, Hgd. 1813-1839
Adelersborg Hovmark 1827-1839
Adelersborg Markhus 1790-1800
Bjærgene, Hse. 1828-1850 registr. 1800-1850
Faarevejle 1840-1850 registr. 1790-1850
Faarevejle Mark 1828-1839
Kaarup, Lb. 1828-1850 registr. 1790-1850
Kulaas 1813-1839
Ordrup, Lb. 1828-1850 registr. 1790-1850
Ris 1828-1850 registr. 1800-1850
Stubberup, Lb. 1828-1850 registr. 1790-1850
Stubberup Mark 1840-1850 registr. 1790-1800
Veddinge, Lb. 1828-1850 registr. 1790-1850
Veddinge Mark 1840-1850 registr.
Vindekilde, Lb. 1840-1850 registr. 1813-1839
Vindekilde Bjærge 1828-1839 registr.
Vallekilde Bjærgesø 1828-1850 registr. 1790-1850
Bjærgesø Hestehave, Hse. 1828-1839 registr. 1839-1850
Bjærgløse By 1828-1839 registr.
Hestehaven 1813-1827
Skippinge, Lb. 1828-1839 registr. 1790-1800, 1813- 1827, 1839-1850
Starreklinte, Lb. 1828-1850 registr. 1800-1850
Vallekilde, Lb. 1828-1850 registr. 1790-1850
Skippinge Holmstrup Akselholm, Grd. 1828-1850 registr. 1790-1850
Brokøb, Lb. 1828-1850 registr. 1790-1850
Brokøb Mark 1828-1850 registr.
Bromølle 1800-1827, 1839- 1850
Bromølle Kro 1840-1850 registr.
Delhoved, Skov 1827-1850
Fuglesangshuset 1790-1813, 1839- 1850
Grydemose, Grd. 1827-1839
Holmstrup, Lb. 1828-1850 registr. 1790-1850
Holmstrup Mark 1828-1850 registr.
Holmstrup Overdrev 1813-1827
Hørdal, Hse. 1827-1839
Kajemose, Lb. 1828-1839 registr. 1790-1850
Krudthuset 1828-1839 registr. 1800-1850
Hørve Dragsmølle 1828-1850 registr. 1790-1850
Hørve Mark 1840-1850 registr.
Vejleby, Lb. 1828-1850 registr. 1790-1850
Vejleby Mark 1828-1839 registr.
Tudse Svinninge Svinninge, Lb. 1828-1839 registr. 1813-1850

SE HR Removed Image Galleries

AU Tasmania

Locality Record Type Start End
Bothwell Birth index 1840 1913
Births 1843 1913
Deaths 1844 1938
Marriages 1844 1874
Brighton Birth index 1839 1910
Births 1838 1913
Deaths 1885 1938
Bruny Island Births 1912 1913
Deaths 1912 1938
Buckland, Spring Bay, Woodsdale, Levendale, Church of England Marriages 1898 1909
Burnie Intentions to marry 1918 1930
Marriages 1904 1934
Campbell Town Births 1843 1880
Deaths 1844 1907
Intentions to marry 1848 1859
Clarence Births 1846 1913
Death index 1847 1938
Intentions to marry 1853 1859
Deloraine Intentions to marry 1857 1938
Marriages 1857 1913
Franklin Births 1856 1887
Deaths 1856 1902
Intentions to marry 1857 1863
Glamorgan Death index 1842 1922
Gordon Births 1901 1911
Deaths 1901 1911
Green Ponds Birth index 1866 1870
Births 1866 1913
Death index 1866 1938
Deaths 1866 1938
Intentions to marry 1838 1852
Hamilton Births 1839 1913
Deaths 1839 1938
Intentions to marry 1843 1851
Hastings/Dover, Congregational Church Marriages 1909 1918
Hobart Intentions to marry 1838 1931
Marriages 1897 1936
Still-births 1884 1895
Hobart and elsewhere, Church of Christ Marriages 1896 1935
Hobart Church of Christ Marriages 1934 1935
Hobart, Burnie, Devonport Baptist Church Marriages 1922 1928
Hobart, Congregational Church Marriages 1876 1898
Hobart, Denison, Spiritual Church Marriages 1916 1917
Hobart, Helping Hand Mission Marriages 1908 1916
Hobart, Jewish Synagogue Marriages 1915 1927
Hobart, King Street Non-Denominational Church Marriages 1895 1938
Hobart, Launceston, Seventh Day Adventist Church Marriages 1932 1935
Hobart, Our Father's Church Marriages 1896 1896
Hobart, Salvation Army Marriages 1921 1923
Hobart, Tasman, Peninsula, Campbell Town Presbyterian Church Marriages 1909 1920
Kingston Birth index 1857 1913
Births 1856 1913
Death index 1856 1938
Deaths 1856 1919
Marriages 1842 1865
Kingston (Kingborough) Deaths 1919 1938
Launceston Baptisms 1841 1855
Deaths 1842 1865
Marriages 1864 1936
Launceston Baptist Church Marriages 1912 1913
Launceston Church of Christ Marriages 1896 1896
Launceston, Baptist Church Marriages 1912 1912
Launceston, Congregational Church Marriages 1896 1900
Launceston, International Bible Student's Association Marriages 1931 1931
Lyell Birth index 1898 1913
Norfolk Island Births 1848 1855
Deaths 1849 1852
Northwest Coast, Congregational Church Marriages 1909 1914
Oatlands Birth index 1839 1900
Births 1838 1913
Death index 1839 1900
Deaths 1839 1938
Intentions to marry 1842 1897
Marriages 1854 1911
Ralphs Bay Births 1856 1912
Deaths 1857 1911
Richmond Birth index 1846 1913
Births 1845 1913
Death index 1883 1892
Deaths 1846 1938
Ringarooma Marriages 1930 1933
Sorell Birth index 1842 1913
Births 1839 1913
Death index 1839 1938
Deaths 1839 1938
Intentions to marry 1845 1920
Marriages 1857 1892
Tasman Peninsula Birth index 1844 1913
Births 1844 1913
Death index 1843 1938
Deaths 1844 1938
Intentions to marry 1881 1898
Marriages 1843 1895
Tasman Peninsula Church of Christ Marriages 1914 1915
Tasmania. Registrar General Marriages 1852 1938
Tasmanian Free Church Marriages 1898 1899
Victoria (Huon) Births 1856 1893
Deaths 1857 1912
Intentions to marry 1858 1895
Waratah Birth index 1902 1913
Death index 1902 1913
Weldborough, Wesleyan Methodist Church Marriages 1896 1896


Collection Bonds Inventories Wills Renunciations Monitions, Commissions, Citations
England, Durham Probate Commissions, Monitions and Citations, 1650-1858 X
England, Durham, Diocese of Durham Original Wills, 1650-1857 X
England, Durham, Dean and Chapter of Durham's Allerton and Allertonshire Original Wills, Inventories and Bonds, 1666-1845 X X X
England, Durham Probate Bonds, 1556-1858 X
England, Durham Diocese, Renunciations, 1767 and 1794 X
England, Durham Diocese, Original Will Strays, 1743-1900 X
England, Durham Diocese, Registered Wills 1526-1858 X
England, Durham Diocese, Probate Inventories, 1676-1846 X
England, Durham Diocese, Allertonshire Peculiar Stray Probate Bonds, 1732-1768 X
England, Durham Diocese, Allertonshire Peculiar Administration Bonds and Inventories, 1670-1808 X X

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