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For years my mother worked on our family’s genealogy. She spent hours in libraries looking up every Reneau and Reno she could find... and she drove countless miles to cemeteries looking for headstones with the Reneau or Mikesell name... when we went on trips she even contacted Reneau's in phone books.

Over the years she tried to get me interested in helping... but I had other things I thought were more important. Several years went by and I got my first computer... that changed everything. As a young man I thought Mom was losing it, but as I've grown older the 'bug' to identify those who have gone before me has bitten deep.

I began reading about my ancestors online. History has always been one of my favorite subjects and once I was able to see where my family fit into history I was hooked. I learned how to build web sites and made one for my family. And now I've been involved with genealogy and family history research for the past 20 years and have grown to love the work. And it isn't just me... people all over the world are beginning to research their family history.

Most don't know where and how to begin.

Cicero, who lived 106-143 B.C. said:
Not To Know What Happened Before We Were Born Is To Remain Perpetually A Child. For What Is The Worth Of A Human Life Unless It Is Woven Into The Life Of Our Ancestors By The Records Of History.

I believe that whole heartedly and so I have recently become a part of the family history research team working on the FamilySearch Wiki. My goal is to help further this important work in any way that I can.

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