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:*[[FamilySearch Wiki:Maintenance]]  
:*[[FamilySearch Wiki:Maintenance]]  
:*...and more<br>
:*...and more<br>
Janell- I do like what your sandbox shows, help me understand the statement though "reword to take away the idea that you need help from communty members."
Because there is so much in the wiki, as an example when one gets on search and types 'youth' it brings up so much material. I don't like to limit the wiki in saying "HOW TO..." because I am afraid searchers will not realize how much there is, does that make sense? What about something more encompassing like
*Learning and reaching out doing Family History. (I don't think that wording is right either).
I don't think it should be called genealogy but rather family history&nbsp; I think President Packer wants us to be consistent in Family History because it is so much more. What do you feel? I think every thing has to be judged on how do we turn hearts?<br>
thanks for all you do,

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My name is Janell, and I am passionate about family history work, and especially helping other people with their family history work. I work for FamilySearch in the Patron Services department. I've worked with various FamilySearch products in the past, and currently work with the FamilySearch Wiki, helping to make sure all users have the best experience possible while using and contributing to the Wiki.

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