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<br> {{Userbox-lang}} {{User German}}{{UBX-lang|en|2
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[[Category:User_de]] [[Category:User_en|2]]

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Name: Volkmar Pfeiler

Email: Volkmar.Pfeiler@googlemail.com

Location: Germany

Language:German, English (at school also: Latin and Greece) 

occupation: IT-specialist (not parcticed: Bachelor of history studies)

main interest to WIKI: Create/Translate "Deutsche" Wiki-article

topics of my own genealogical research:

  • Location: Germany/Prussia, Rheinland (Oberhausen, Mülheim, Dinslaken, Hiesfeld, Hünxe)
  • Location: Germany/Prussia, Berlin/Brandenburg (Seelow, Seelow Land)
  • Names: Pfeiler, Mogs, Lindemann

genealogical experiences and knowledge: 

  • start with Genealogy - End 2011
  • start with FamilySearch - End 2011
  • German handwriting - also Sütterlin

en This user is a native speaker of English
Flag of Germany.png This user is of German ancestry.
en-2 This user is an intermediate reader, writer and speaker of English
la-2 This user is an intermediate reader of Latin
FamilySearch Indexing icon.png This user likes to index records.