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Meeting: March 7, 2012
Charles Smith, Wikitext 10:00 am  26 February 2014
Attending: Wilma Adkins, Darlene Hagberg, Patsy Hendrickson,
James Tanner, Liz Snow, Lois, Jana Stokes, Patricia hardesty, Joy bogar
==== Thank You  ====
*Liz Snow for adding tables to all 29-counties of Utah - Thank you!
*Kyle for updating dates in counties Morgan through Summit.  Thank You!
*James Tanner for your 100% improvement-compliment to the Utah committee, Wilma and all those who have helped with the content, the vision, and the view of Utah.  Thank You!
==== Review of Minutes  ====
*Mentioning events past and those coming up
*Upgrading of Wiki software - will fix many of the problems and others will come
==== Photo Contest  ====
*Put at the top of each county page the landscape photo with invitation to enter contest
*Color the camera that links to "more information" page
*Wilma and Joy will work on directional-information page for contestants
*Steve Cotrell helped to link camera icon to the above mentioned page
*Prizes - Family Search and UGA may help -- Wilma will check with UGA on Friday about this. 
*Selected photo honor may enough for the prize
*Extend an invitation to high school students in all 29-counties to participate in photo contest - do this via the educational district offices throughout Utah -- WHO will do this?
==== Icons and Tips  ====
*Icons will be created by an artist once the committee decides what is wanted - so copyrights are not a problem
*Tip bank in Wilma's Excel spreadsheet now - waiting to be "word-smith-ed"
*How to manage the tips, where to "bank" tips and how to collect them is a standing question
*Once we have the tips wanted, Wilma will make the tip-template
*Should we have borders or no borders for the "tip and more" area?
*Format a page ready to gather informational tips
==== Volunteer Tasks ====
*Tasks ready for volunteers to help update dates in the table
*Libraries listing and linking
==== Libraries and Newspapers  ====
*Directional information needs to be addressed so researchers know why and what they will find in: Newspapers, Library of Congress, Museums, Wikipedia, Google, Cindy's List, Local and State Libraries - and how to best-use gathered information
*Links created in a "web-net" so researchers can easily move from one source to another
*Avoid long lists at any cost
*Addressed the need to have or create a "style-guide" for this project
*Break how-to information down in little step-by-steps
*Only mention the larger libraries with rich information - tell what you will find in each library
*Link the little libraries and ask community for additional information
==== Next Week ====
*Progress reports, Libraries, Newspapers / Get tasks ready
*Move to Vital Records and Cemeteries / Get tasks ready
*Community Meeting Tuesday's at 1:00 p.m.  Everyone is invited

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