User group meeting minutes 17 February 2009

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Facilitator was [Add name here], Note taker was [Add name here], Time keeper was [Add name here].

Prayer by

This week, there are now 7,004 registered users of the FamilySearch Wiki.  That is an increase of 142 new registered users over the last week. The 7,000th user registered sometime before 10am this morning, 17 Feburary 2009


Remote Attendees

Items Discussed

We tried using Adobe Connect, we could all see the screenshot, etc., but the only thing we all could not do was talk to each other.  So Michael decided we'll use a phone bridge for audio, but still use the Adobe Connect screen for visually showing what we otherwise would see on the wiki screens or other web material that may be shown from HQ

To use the phone bridge next week, go to the Wiki User Group page, the one that lists each week's meeting-specific pages all together, and click on the attend from home link in that paragraph, it will go to another page that will give further instructions, and the Adobe link.  JamesAnderson 21:44, 17 February 2009 (UTC)


Action Items