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My current focus is to develope 22 parishes within the County of Suffolk, District of Hoxne.  I have put a geographical map on each parish page as such:
== Geographic Location Map  ==
{{Geographic location |title = '''Neighbouring Parishes''' |
Center = Tannington |
North = [[Wilby, Suffolk|Wilby]] |
Northeast = [[Brundish, Suffolk|Brundish]] |
East = [[Dennington, Suffolk|Dennington]] |
Southeast = [[Saxstead, Suffolk|Saxtead]] |
South = [[Earl Soham, Suffolk|Earl Soham]] | |
Southwest = [[Bedfield, Suffolk|Bedfield]] |
West = [[Worlingworth, Suffolk|Worlingworth]] : [[Bedfield, Suffolk|Bedfield]] |
Northwest = [[Worlingworth, Suffolk|Worlingworth]]
}} <nowiki>{{Geographic location |title = '''Neighbouring Parishes''' | </nowiki><br><nowiki>Center = Tannington | </nowiki><br><nowiki>North = [[Wilby, Suffolk|Wilby]] |</nowiki> <br><nowiki>Northeast = [[Brundish, Suffolk|Brundish]] |</nowiki> <br><nowiki>East = [[Dennington, Suffolk|Dennington]] | </nowiki><br><nowiki>Southeast = [[Saxstead, Suffolk|Saxtead]] |</nowiki> <br><nowiki>South = [[Earl Soham, Suffolk|Earl Soham]] | </nowiki><br><nowiki>Southwest = [[Bedfield, Suffolk|Bedfield]] |</nowiki> <br><nowiki>West = [[Worlingworth, Suffolk|Worlingworth]] : [[Bedfield, Suffolk|Bedfield]] |</nowiki> <br><nowiki>Northwest = [[Worlingworth, Suffolk|Worlingworth]]
}} </nowiki>
<br>I also have created a Navigation Box for the parishes within Hoxne district as such:&nbsp; {{Navbox
|name = Hoxne parishes
|style = width: 85%;
|title = Parishes in the Hundred and District of Hoxne
|titlestyle = text-align: center; font-size: 75%;
|basestyle = background: #EEEEEE;
|liststyle = font-size: 85%; background: #FDFDFD; text-align: center;
|belowstyle = font-size: 85%;
|state = collapsed
|list1 = [[Athelington, Suffolk|Athelington]]{{·}}[[Badingham, Suffolk|Badingham]]{{·}}[[Bedfield, Suffolk|Bedfield]]{{·}}[[Bedingfield, Suffolk|Bedingfield]]{{·}}[[Brundish, Suffolk|Brundish]]{{·}}[[Denham St John (near Eye), Suffolk|Denham St John]]{{·}}[[Dennington, Suffolk|Dennington]]{{·}}[[Fressingfield, Suffolk|Fressingfield]]{{·}}[[Horham, Suffolk|Horham]]{{·}}[[Hoxne, Suffolk|Hoxne]]{{·}}[[Laxfield, Suffolk|Laxfield]]{{·}}[[Mendham, Suffolk|Mendham]]{{·}}[[Metfield, Suffolk|Metfield]]{{·}}[[Monk Soham, Suffolk|Monk-Soham]]{{·}}[[Saxstead, Suffolk|Saxtead]]{{·}}[[Southolt, Suffolk|Southolt]]{{·}}[[Stradbroke, Suffolk|Stradbroke]]{{·}}[[Syleham, Suffolk|Syleham]]{{·}}[[Tannington, Suffolk|Tannington]]{{·}}
[[Weybread, Suffolk|Weybread]]{{·}}[[Wilby, Suffolk|Wilby]]{{·}}[[Wingfield, Suffolk|Wingfield]]{{·}}[[Withersdale, Suffolk|Withersdale]]{{·}}[[Worlingworth, Suffolk|Worlingworth]]
|below = [[Kelsale_with_Carlton,_Suffolk|Kelsale with Carlton]] was a detached part of Hoxne Hundred. [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoxne_%28hundred%29 Hoxne Hundred on Wikipedia]
}} <br>
This NavBox is on the Tannington parish page and a few others at the present moment.<br>[[User:Donjgen|Donjgen]] 04:40, 16 November 2011 (UTC)&nbsp; 44<br>
<br>[https://wiki.familysearch.org/en/Help:How_to_add_citations How to Cite Sources in the Wiki or add citations]<br>[[FamilySearch Wiki:Maintenance Templates]]<br>
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== TOC and NOTOC  ==
== TOC and NOTOC  ==
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Parish Registers began in the 1500's and 1600's.&nbsp; They can be viewed at the Suffolk Record Office.&nbsp; There are Bishop Transcripts and Parish Registers that have been filmed for most parishes in the County.&nbsp; See the [[Suffolk Church Records|Suffolk Church Record]] article for further details.<br>
<u>Contributor</u>: Include here information for parish registers, Bishop’s Transcripts, parish chest records, non conformist and other types of church records.  Add links to  parish collections found on the internet. Make reference to the Family History Library's collection.
<br>Church records
Contributor: Include here information for parish registers, Bishop’s Transcripts, non conformist and other types of church records, such as parish chest records. Add the contact information for the office holding the original records. Add links to the Family History Library Catalog showing the film numbers in their collection
If you  [[Suffolk_Archives_and_Libraries|live in]] Suffolk then you will have access to a variety of resources; however , for those who live further afield, one can access microfilm and online records at [[Introduction to LDS Family History Centers|Family History Centers]].&nbsp; Refer to {{H:title|Move link from FHL Catalogue to this place. |Suffolk_in_the_FHL_Catalog|label=FHL Catalogue |link=yes|dotted=no|external=no}} and {{FHL|England%2C+Suffolk%2C|subject|disp=Suffolk }} in the Family History Library Catalogue for available records.
<br>{{Historical populations
|width = 10em
|shading = on
|percentages = off
|1845 |749
|1951 |6717
|1960 |6984
|1970 |31752
|1980 |34758
|1990 |35888
|2000 |39317
|footnote=Note: were merged in 1970.
<br />Source: ssb.no/ SSB]
{{Wikipedia|St_Helen's_Bishopsgate|St Helen's Bishopsgate}} Wikipedia link that should work very well within articles
===British Census Templates===
TO Whom it may concern:
I have noticed that the template "British Census" is being put on every parish page.  Since I did not like the format of it I created 2 other census templates that add additional parameters. 
The templates is "Suffolk Census" and "British Census2"
It has to be remembered that these templates are drafts and subject to change.  I would question putting the template "British Census" on every page because if one parameter changes in the template every page will have to be visited again to make that unique change.  It is poor judgement to think that every parish page in England needs this template.  I had Steve take the time to put a link on every parish page in Suffolk to the  Suffolk Census page.  Now most of those links are gone, replace with this template.  <br>  I do not think that the 500 parish pages in Suffolk need a link to ancestry.com, findmypast.com and the other websites.  There are pages created specifically that talk about these websites and it is easy to link to those pages.  From what I see someone plans to put this specific template on the 10,000 parish page in England.  <br>
I'm not going to go around changing that template, but if I am working on a speciifc parish, I will change that template to another one, those mentioned above or another one.[[User:Donjgen|Donjgen]] 23:23, 18 May 2012 (UTC)

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I have started to use the TOC and NOTOC on the webpages mentioned above. Those tags move and remove the contents box that is automatically generated when four or more headings appear on a page. Most of the pages are quite short right now so I am using NOTOC on the parish pages. The content box that is automatically generated often appears out of place.
I have put comment tags next to it so if someone edits the page they will know what the tags are for <!-- The tag __TOC__ allows one to move the contents box anywhere on the page. The Tag __NOTOC__ removes the contents box from the page-->

Area Conversion from Acres

Many of the areas noted in gazetteers and histories of parishes and other places are in acres. I have found a website that converts acres to square miles or square kilometers at metric conversions.org Most people are more familar with how large a square mile or kilometer is than an acre. Such as 3592 acres = 5.6 square miles or 14.5 square kilometers