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*Discounts on SLIG registrations  
*Discounts on SLIG registrations  
*''Utah Genealogical Association Crossroads'' Quarterly publication  
*''UGA Crossroads'' Quarterly publication  
*Free admission to all Virtual Chapter meetings  
*Free admission to all Virtual Chapter meetings  
*Opportunities for UGA events before they are offered to the public  
*Opportunities for UGA events before they are offered to the public  

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Utah Genealogical Association
Utah GA Logo.jpg
Established 1971
Contact Info
Address UGA
PO Box 1144
Salt Lake City, UT 84110
Telephone (801) 259-4172
Website ugagenealogy.org
Society Officers
President Janet Hovorka
Vice-President Bud Wood
Sue Maxwell
eMail Info@infouga.org
Last updated: Mar 27, 2017

Utah Genealogical Association Mission Statement
The Utah Genealogical Association provides genealogical information, sources and education through personal instruction and published media on state, national and international family history topics, while promoting high standards and ethical practices.

The Utah Genealogical Association is interested in worldwide genealogical research methodology, sponsoring week-long courses annually at the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG). Pioneer certificates are issued to anyone proving pioneer heritage in Utah.


  • Discounts on SLIG registrations
  • UGA Crossroads Quarterly publication
  • Free admission to all Virtual Chapter meetings
  • Opportunities for UGA events before they are offered to the public
  • Access to the Members area, with additional educational opportunities

History of the society

Society Officers

Society Projects

Current Projects

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  • Utah and the county pages.

Past Projects


  • UGA Crossroads quarterly publication (Utah Periodicals gives further publication details.)




Society Meetings


Board Meetings

Training Meetings

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the directions to the society?
Q. What are the society's hours of operation?