Vaterland, Oslo, Norway Genealogy

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Norway > Oslo County > Vaterland

Church Records

Images of the church books are online at Digitalarkivet.

History of the parish

Vaterland chapelry was established in 1899 and encompassed the district Østbanestatsjonen, Nygata, Stenersgata, Christian Kroghs gate, Hausmanns bridge, Lakkegata, Vaterlands bridge, Elvegata, and took parts of Vor Frelser, Jakob and Grønland parishes.

In 1929 it was decided that Vaterland chapelry should also encompass the discontinued Wexels parish, which was formally under Grønland parish.

Vaterland chapelry was discontinued in 1959. The boundaries between Domkirken, Jakob and Grønland parishes were reestablished.

The church books for Vaterland were sent to the parish office of Grønland parish. They were held separately from Grønland's church books.