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VenezuelaFederal District

[Description of the state]

General Information

The city was founded on 1567 with the name of Santiago of Leon of Caracas and it became one of the most prosperous Spanish colonial communities of South America. The city was sacked by English privateers under the control of Amyas Preston in 1595. Around April of 1810 Caracas became the center of the first rebellion in the war of independence against Spain, taking later Simón Bolivar its leadership. From 1576 it has been the capital of the province of Venezuela, strengthening this position as of 1777 in the Capitania General of Venezuela, although it lost this role in 1821, to recover it definitively in 1830. Thoughout its history the city has undergone some severe earthquakes, in 1812 10,000 people died and the city was destroyed almost in its totality.

In the middle of a valley at 960 meters (3,150 ft) above the sea level, the settlers of Caracas enjoy an pleasant temperate climate all year around, reason why they named it “Heaven’s Branch on Earth”.

In Caracas there has been born a significant European descending population, mainly Spanish and Italian, many of which have been dedicated to the small and medium industry. A significant population of Colombians and Portuguese also exists. In the middle of the 70s, near 30% of the population of Caracas was born in zones outside the metropolitan area. Many of them migrated from depressed rural areas, and have established their homes in the called “barrios”, or marginal areas of low income.

Distrito Capital is Venezuela’s administrative división created in 1999 by the new Constitution of the Repúbica Bolivariana de Venezuela in substitution of the Distrito Federal. It is located in the central northern part of the country, limited by north and west by Vargas state, and by the south and east by Miranda

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Did you know?

  • Venezuela is officially called: Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
  • Venezuela is divided into 23 states and 1 capital district. Each state is further divided into more than 300 municipios . To learn more click here. To find address and other contact information visit: Civiles de Venezuela Knowing about a country's political divisions will help in determining where records such as civil registration and census are located.

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