Vinding Parish, Skanderborg, Denmark Genealogy

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Denmark > Skanderborg > Vinding


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Stift Add here
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Amt 1662 - 1793 Add here
Amt 1794 - 1970 Skanderborg
Herred Tyrsting
Kommune Add here
1788 – 1793 Lægd number Add here
1794 – 1869 Lægd number Add here
Retskreds Add here
Skifteretten Add here
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Place Names

Anholt, Frederikslund, Fuglsang, Givehøje, Holtehus, Langballe, Langsø, Lykkensro, Mynkegaard, Nederskov, Overskov, Stat-ene, Statene, Ulstrup, Vedelsbo, Vennerslyst, Vinding, Vinding-Nygaard, Vinging Tved,

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