Württemberg Census

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Census in Württemberg were taken yearly from 1764 to 1806 by locality. The so called Seelenregister can be found in church books. Parallel to these, statistics were kept from 1769 on. Dwellings, cattle and occupations were written down and even a Wanderungsstatistik (journeymen record) kept.

Spource: Pfister, Christian. Bevölkerungsgeschichte und historische Demographie

After Württemberg joined the Deutsche Zollverein (tariff union) in 1834 every 3 years statistics were about the population of Württemberg were produced. After Württemberg joined the Deutsche Reich (1871) every 5 years a census was taken. The earlier statistics only showed asked for male and female and young and old among the population, later much more integrate information was made available. See http://www.landesarchiv-bw.de/sixcms/detial.php?template=hp-artikel&d=17389&:dz=8484&sprache=