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Helpful Websites

Here is a link to view buildings and other features of towns in Württemberg. Enter name of town or village http://www.panoramio.com/map/#lt=50.975087&ln=13.190135&z=4&k=2&a=1

Castles and Nobility Residences 

Here is a list of castles in Württemberg 


Dwellings in Wangen

For the district city Wangen, the Family History Library has a "Häuserchronik Kartei (house chronik card  index).  This is a list of dwellings listing by house number and lists all the people that lived in a particular house.  A house may be divided into many living quarters for different families.  This gives the dates of the residency, and the house location and the part of the house, level or section details of where a family resided.  There are also many pages showing the years when a given person or family lived in the house, the next resident and the year that they began living at that residence and all subsequent residents at that particular place.

Some of the records give even the birthdates of the children in the household.  Some marriage dates are provided as well as death dates.  Some of these birthdates go back to the early 1700's, giving much the same information as a family register.

There are also sales of property given in this card index.  Many give good descriptions of the property, it's location and houses to which they were adjacent as well as building styles/types. These sales indicate that of these multi-resident dwellings, they were not all renters, but actually owned the part of the building in which they lived.

There was no index available for these records and to use them quickly one would need to know the house number where an ancestor lived.  However, many pages are typed and therefore searching will be less difficult. 


Another valuable record type was created from the history of the residents of homes, farms and properties.  Many of these have been collected and assembled and books have been published under this subject title.  Some localities, such as the town of Reinstetten in Württemberg have these records in a time span from 1470-1970 covering 500 years.  Some are arranged by the streets and then the house numbers within that street and the residents there throughout the ages.

For Reinstetten, it begins with the earliest inhabitant moving forward in times.  It would appear to be able to substantiate these records, they have used city council records, church and court records and land and tax books, as well.

You can also see that many of the properties are handed down for many years to a particular family name. This would indicate that these people were related helping to confirm family relationships.

Also included in the book for Reinstetten are some plans of property and also some photos of the buildings on that property.  When these books are available for your locality, they can be great sources of documenting the paper trails of your ancestors within a given town.  These books also often contain birth, marriage and death dates of the inhabitants as can be derived from the sources previously mentioned.

The Family History Library Catalog collects many of these books and if they are available for your locality, they will be listed under the topic of "Dwellings".  This is definitely a lesser used "topic" but should definitely not be overlooked when they are available.