Württemberg Jewish Records

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Jewish History in Württemberg

Jews were not allowed to live and work permanently in Württemberg from 1498  to 1805. In 1828 for the fírst time a Jewish law was passed. Accordingly two Jewish centers arose in Ludwigsburg and in Stuttgart. However, the rights were revoked in 1848. Jews were finally fully recognized in 1861 and received equal rights in 1864.  === Source: Wikipedia - Geschichte der Juden in Deutschland - Württemberg

Here is a link to the Jewish synagogues existing in Germany in the 19th and 20th century http://www.ashkenazhouse.org/synagogue-main.htm

Here is a link to Jewish cemeteries in Württemberg


Cemeteries Tombstones as Records for Jewish Research

The Family History Library has a collection of several books which have been published regarding the tombstones of Jewish persons who died in Württemberg.  These books contain the following information that is useful to people of Jewish descendancy in these villages:

  • Photo of tombstone
  • Hebrew transcriptions of stones
  • German translations of Hebrew
  • Name/maiden names
  • Birth and death dates
  • Family members
  • Poem on epitaph
  • Sometimes birthplaces
  • Dating from the 1700's in some cases
  • Index of names

It was very interesting to note that some of the older tombstones show much more detail than some of the newer ones, which might only have a name and their dates of birth and death.

Because some of these stones date beck to the 1700's, they can be of major help for researchers.  The Family History Library's collection of these books can be accessed through the Family History Library Catalog searching first by the name of the village/town and then under the topic of Jewish Records.  


  Jews in Württemberg

The Rabbi concerned himself with the spiritual, social and cultural aspects of the Jewish community members.  Many had to build bridges between the Jewish and non-Jewish communities.  An excellent book regarding the Jews in Jebenhausen and Göppingen is available at the Family History Library.  It is entitled Juden in Jebenhausen und Göppingen.  FHL call number 943.47/G2 F2t.  This book is a good example of some of the Jewish records which have been published in book form to preserve history as well as the memories of those who have passed on. This book contains the following information:

  • History of the communities
  • Memorable historical occasions
  • Plotmaps of the Jewish cemetery
  • Tombstone transcriptions with alpha index
  • Jewish societies
  • Information about Schutzjuden (protected Jews), including all family members
  • Births, Marriages, deaths from synagogue register
  • World War I military fatalies
  • Lists of community managers, Rabbis, tax collectors, and Jewish community caretakers
  • Community industries and production
  • Synagogue history, floor plans
  • List of endowment contributers, with dates
  • Photos, community and familial
  • Village deportation lists, names, birthdates, camp, dates of deportations
  • Population statistics
    Often these books can be most helpful in gaining good understandings of our ancestors' lives, and struggles.  They should not be overlooked when looking for sources of Jewish family research.