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3 January 1800 Wesleyan Methodists began preaching at Ruthin at the request of Edward Jones. (History of Protestant Nonconformity in Wales by Thomas Rees)

26 January 1788 Four convicts from Wales arrive in Australia with the First Fleet.  (Australians From Wales by Lewis Lloyd, page 17)

7 February 1301 King Edward I of England revived the title, "Prince of Wales" and bestowed it on Edward of Caernarfon, later Edward II. (The Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies Newsletter 79)

10 March 1846 A motion was made in the House of Commons for an inquiry into the state of education in Wales. The report that came from this inquiry was 1252 pages long and came to be known as, "Treachery of the Blue Books". (Victorian School-days in Wales by Gerallt D. Nash, pp. 14-15)

18 March 1536 Monasteries disolved. (Chronicle of Britain, p. 417)

14 April 1536 Wales joined to England (Chronicle of Britain, p. 417)

28 July 1540 Every parish church to have a new Bible (Chronicle of Britain, p. 423)

3 Dec 1538 Monastic wealth seized (Chronicle of Britain, p. 421)