Wales Early Manuscript and Printed Pedigrees

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These records normally date before 1700. Information is often included for years not covered by parish church records.


These records contain;

  • names
  • parents names
  • name of spouse
  • place of residence (farm or village) and sometimes place of origin
  • occupation or status such as gentleman or esquire

Before using this record, know this

  • family name
  • area where the family lived (this may be as general as the county but the more specific the better)

Before using this record, search this

Where to find the original records

Manuscripts may be found at an archive or library listed below. Some of the National Library of Wales pedigrees are on microfilm.

  • National Library of Wales
  • The British Library
  • College of Arms

How to search the record

Normally you will need to search the pedigrees by name. There are a few that have partial indexes to aid in the search.

Record sample

Manuscript Pedigree.jpg Griffith of Ynys Dderw


  • An index of place-names may be more useful than a name index.
  • Individuals may be listed in different portions of the manuscript, especially daughters. If there is no complete index be sure to search document thoroughly.
  • Spellings may not match with what you are familiar with. Look at the context to help decide if the person or family fits in with what you already know.
  • A family or individual may be recorded in more than one manuscript
  • Wives and daughters may not be named but referred to as "daughter of..."

What to do next

  • Compare what you find with details already known about the person or family.
  • Search probate records.
  • Search title deeds to verify what has been learned.