Waukesha County, Wisconsin Genealogy

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County Courthouse

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County Courthouse

Waukesha County Courthouse
1320 Pewaukee Road
Waukesha, WI 53188
Phone: 262.548.7010

Register of Deeds has birth records from 1860,
marriage records from 1846, death records from 1879
and land records; Clerk Court has divorce records
from 1847 and court records from 1962; Register in
probate has probate records from 1846; County Clerk
has marriage applications from 1899 [1]

Historical Facts

Parent County

1846--Waukesha County was created 31 January 1846 from <a href="Milwaukee County, Wisconsin">Milwaukee</a> County. County seat: Waukesha [2]

Boundary Changes

Record Loss

Vital records were not required until 1907. Before that time some civil records are available according to the dates below:

Births are available circa 1860 - present
Death records are available circa 1872 - present
Marriage records are available circa 1846-present

Records prior to the 1846 may be found in Milwaukee County

Places / Localities

Populated Places

Neighboring Counties

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Bible Records




Church History and Records

Court Records

Crime and Criminals

Newspaper clipping from Waukesha Daily Paper; dated 6 January 1952; entitled: 1840 Date of First Death Recorded in Merton Town. Was the second in a series of articles tracing the history of Merton. Taken from a paper presenting to the Waukesha county historical society by William Kuntz. This is only a snipit of the article.
"In 1840 the first death occurred in the town of Merton. It was that of Martin Molster, who died in January of that year. Tragedy stalked the shores of Lake Keesus where two young men were drowned while bathing in the lake. They had been employed in a maple sugar camp nearby. "


Ethnic, Political, or Religious Groups





  • <a href="http://www.archive.org/details/cu31924028871627">The History of Waukesha County, Wisconsin</a>. Chicago : Western Historical Company. Containing an account of its settlement, growth, development and resources; an extensive and minute sketch of its cities, towns and villages--their improvements, industries, manufactories, churches, schools and societies; its war record, biographical sketches, portraits of prominent men and early settlers; the whole preceded by a history of Wisconsin, statistics of the state, and an abstract of its laws and Constitution and of the Constitution of the United States (1880).   Online at Internet Archives www.archive.org.

Land and Property



Military History and Records

Naturalization and Citizenship




Probate Records


Archives, Libraries and Museums
County Courthouse
Family History Centers
  • <a _fcknotitle="true" href="Introduction to LDS Family History Centers">Introduction to LDS Family History Centers</a>
  • <a _fcknotitle="true" href="Kettle Moraine Wisconsin Family History Center">Kettle Moraine Wisconsin Family History Center</a>
  • <a _fcknotitle="true" href="Milwaukee Wisconsin Family History Center">Milwaukee Wisconsin Family History Center</a>



Vital Records


==== Voting Registers ====a

Web Sites


  1. The Handybook for Genealogists : United States of America, 10th ed., (Draper, UT: Everton Publishers, 2002), p 760 Waukesha County, Wisconsin.
  2. The Handybook for Genealogists: United States of America,10th ed. (Draper, UT:Everton Publishers, 2002).

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