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The National Library of Wales has a database titled Capeli or sometimes referred to as Capeli Cymru. The Welsh Chapels database lists all known materials related to the various nonconformist chapels throughout Wales. This is a critical resource because many Welsh chapel records of birth/christening, marriage and death/burial have been lost or were never recorded. Many other types of records exist such as membership lists, donation records and transfer records are available but not identified in other lists.

Capeli is not available on the internet but can be used at the National Library of Wales. For people not able to visit the National Library of Wales you may use their Enquires Form. Be sure to read about the Enquiries Service to learn more.

Sample Request

I would like to have a search made in the Capeli Cymru database for the parish of Aberdare in Glamorganshire for materials between the years 1750 and 1790.