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University of Rio Grande, Ohio

The first ever on-line Welsh language learning course is now being offered by the Madog Center for Welsh Studies at the University of Rio Grande, Ohio, USA. The first 15 week long course has been highly successful and the Madog Center are now offering a second course which will start shortly. The non-credit fee for the course is $229.

If you are interested contact Dr. Tim Jilg for details.

For more information about how the course works: click here

For a sample of the course, click here: click here

Dr. Timothy Jilg
Madog Center for Welsh Studies
University of Rio Grande
Rio Grande, OH

Phone: (740) 245-7186

Email: welsh@rio.edu

Nant Gwrtheyrn

The Nant Gwrtheyrn Welsh Language and Heritage Centre, is located in a former quarrying village near Nefyn, on the northern coast of the Llŷn Peninsula, in Gwynedd, Wales.

The Centre specialises residential courses in Welsh (as a second language) for adults.

Website: Nant Gwrtheyrn