Welsh Nonconformist Records

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Any religious group outside the Church of England was considered nonconformist. Nonconformist denominations flourished in Wales for several reasons such as the ability to provide services in the Welsh language and a chapel building program that could quickly accomodate the changing needs in an industrial society.

When searching for genealogy information is is critical to know what records exist that should be searched. To conduct a thorough search it is critical to also know which chapels existed in a parish even if the chapel registers of christenings, marriages, and burials may not be in an archive. Knowing exactly which chapels existed in a locality will help lead to additional record types and allow researchers to be confident that no stone has been left unturned.

The following links lead to spreadsheets that list nearly all chapels that are known to have existed in Wales with information about various records. In many cases records other than registers of christenings, marriages and burials exist that may help with family history research.