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A list of words found in Welsh place-names with their English translations.

Many Welsh place names are made up of several elements.

Literally translated the name Rhosllannerchrugog comes from:

  • rhos "moor"
  • llannerch "glade"
  • grugog "heathery"

hence Moor of the Heathery Glade. Unsurprisingly it is often known simply as Rhos!


Abaty an abbey
Aber mouth (coastal), or confluence (inland), of a river
Adfa border, recess, place to drive animals
Adwy a gap, pass
Ael brow of a hill
Afon a river
Allt a wooded hill or cliff
Aran a mountain ridge
Arian silver
Aur gold
Awel a breeze, wind


Bach small, little
Bala where a river flows from a lake
Banc or Bonc a bank, hillock
Bedw birch trees
Beili a yard, enclosure, bailey
Berllan an orchard
Berth a copse, hedge
Berthi hedges
Betws an oratory, prayer house, bede house
Blaen head of a valley, source of a river
Blaenau valley heads
Bont a bridge


Cae a field
Capel a chapel
Carn a heap of stones
Carreg a rock
Cwrt a court


Dalen a leaf
Dan under
De south
Derwen an oak tree
Derw oak trees
Dinas a fort
Dol a meadow, river meadow
Domen a mound
Dre (mutation of 'tre') a town, home
Dryw a wren
Du black
Dŵr or Dŵfr water
Dyffryn a valley
Dyserth a retreat


Efail a smithy
Eglwys a church
Eithin gorse
Eos a nightingale
Erw an acre
Esgair a mountain ridge


Fach (mutation of 'bach') little, small
Fan (mutation of 'ban') a peak
Fechan (feminine mutation of 'bychan') little, small
Fedwen (mutation of 'bedwen') a birch tree
Fedw (mutation of 'bedw') birch trees
Felen (feminine mutation of 'melyn') yellow
Felin (mutation of 'melin') a mill
Foel (mutation of 'moel') a bare topped hill
Fron (mutation of 'bron') a hillside
Fychan (mutation of 'bychan') little, small


Ffin a border, limit
Ffordd a road
Ffyrdd roads
Ffos a ditch, brook
Ffridd a sheepwalk, mountain pasture
Ffrith a sheepwalk
Ffrwd a stream
Ffynnon well


Gaer (mutation of 'caer') a fort, camp
Gallt a wooded hill or cliff
Garn a heap of stones
Gelli a grove, small wood
Glan a river bank
Glyn a glen
Goch (mutation of 'coch') red
Godre foot of a hill, edge, border
Graig (mutation of 'craig') a rock, crag
Gwynt wind


Hafan a haven
Hafod a summer dwelling and pasture
Helyg willow trees
Hen old, ancient
Hendre winter dwelling
Heol a road
Hir long
Hwylfa a pathway, entry
Hydd a stag


Isel low
Is lower
Isaf lowest
Issa lowest


Lan a bank, slope, rise
Las (mutation of 'glas') blue, verdant, lush, green


Llaith wet
Llan an enclosure, church, church village
Llawr a valley floor
Llech a flagstone, flat stone, slate
Llethyr a slope
Lloches a shelter
Lluest a small hill farm, hut
Llwyd holy, sanctified, grey
Llwyn a bush, grove
Llyn a lake
Llys a palace, court, enclosure


Maen a cut stone, rock
Maes a field
Mawn peat
Mawr big, large, great
Meifod a halfway house
Meity a halfway house
Melin a mill
Melyn yellow
Merthyr a martyr
Moel a bare topped hill
Môr sea
Morfa sea marsh
Mur a wall
Murddyn a ruin
Mwnt a mound, hill
Mynach a monk
Mynydd a mountain


Nant a stream, brook
Neuadd a hall, mansion
Newydd new


Ochr side, edge
Oer cold
Ogof a cave
Onnen an ash tree


Pandy a fulling mill
Pant a hollow
Parc a park
Pen head, end, top
Pentref or Pentre a village, hamlet
Perth a copse, hedge
Pistyll a spring, well
Plas a hall, place, mansion
Pont a bridge
Porth a landing place, gateway


Rhaeadr a waterfall
Rhiw a hillside
Rhodwydd an embankment, earthwork
Rhos a moorland
Rhyd a ford
Rhyn a headland


Sant a saint
Sarn a causeway, paved road
Sarnau causeways
Swydd a district
Sych dry


Tafarn an inn
Tai houses
Tal end, front
Tarren a rocky hillside, cliff
Teg fair
Tir land
Tomen a mound, heap
Ton lay land
Traeth beach, shore
Tref or Tre a town, habitation
Tro a turn, bend
Troed foot, base
Tros over
Trwyn a promontory
Twll a hollow
a house
Tyddyn a farmstead
Ty'n a farmstead


Uch higher
Uchaf highest
Uchel high
Uwch above


Waun a moorland field
Waen a moorland field
Wen (feminine mutation of 'gwyn') white, fair, blessed
Werdd (feminine mutation of 'gwyrdd') green
Wern (mutation of 'gwern') a marsh, alder trees
Wig (mutation of 'gwig') a haven, wooded land
Wrth near to, by


Y the
Yr (before vowels) the
Yn in
Ynys an island
Ysbyty a hospital, hostel
Ysgol a school
Ysgubor a barn
Ystrad a vale, wide valley
Ystryd a street
Ystum a bend, curve
Ystwyth pliable, agile

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