What regiment did my ancestor serve in- Soldiers?

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  1. Home Sources:  especially medals and awards, discharge papers, diaries and journals, personal knowledge, pictures - especially of soldiers in full military dress, old letters, etc.
  2. Civil Registration of Births, Marriages, and Deaths July 1837-present; certificates usually give regiment name or number and/or rank.
  3. Census Records:  1841-1911; find the soldier and/or family; search other census records; often gives the regiment name or number of soldier (or officer)
  4. Regimental Registers of births, baptisms, marriages, deaths, burials of soldiers and their families:  1761-1924; The National Archives & FHL has birth indexes.
  5. Chaplain Returns of baptisms, marriages, burials at stations abroad:  1796-1880; The National Archives & FHL has films.
  6. Beckett's Index of Chelsea Pensioners:  1806-1838; WO 120, FHL has films
  7. Widows' Pensions - Compassionate & Miscellaneous Papers, Registers & Indexes:  W.O. 24, pieces #3108-3125; 1748-1851.
  8. Militia Attestation Returns:  W.O. 96 - all; whole military, 1806-1915, alphabetically arranged.
  9. Judge Advocate General's Office; Courts Martial; confirmed at Home & Abroad:  W.O. 93, indexes (to W.O. 91 & 92 Court Martial records); 1650-1922.
  10. Soldiers' Documents:  1760-1913; W.O. 97; (FHL has 1760-1854 only); alphabetically arranged for each of the major attachments and corps.
  11. Medals & Awards; Meritorious Service Awards:  1846-1923; W.O. 101, pieces 1-7; indexed (not comprehensive for the whole army).
  12. Soldiers' documents (& various) Regiments:  1760-1882; W.O. 97 (mostly alphabetical); FHL has pieces #1-1279 only, 1760-1854; arranged alphabetically for whole army
  13. Regimental Registers of Pensioners:  1717-1857; W.O. 120