Where Can I Find Online Indexes of Belgian Records?

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Use this website if you are trying to find information in Belgium

to establish contact with someone in Belgium with local expertise. It covers a variety of records and links concerning Belgium and Belgian emigrants (mostly US/Canada, but also contains references to South America, France, Luxemburg, The Netherlands).


Access to a growing number of free online databases (for all provinces).

  • Belgian Vital Records
  • Belgians in American Censuses
  • Belgians in Emigrant ships
  • Belgians in the WWI Draft Cards
  • Belgians in the WWII Draft Cards
  • Canadian Records
  • Index of names found in “Belgian Laces”

Links to other significant websites on the Belgian emigration:

  • Belgians in the American Civil War
  • Belgian glassworkers
  • Belgian obituaries
  • French Republican calendar
  • more

Internet Address:

Using the site:

3 important buttons at the top of the page:

Belgian Laces contains a complete name index of 30 years of this newsletter.

Linkscontains direct links to mailing lists in Belgium (may require knowledge of local language).

Records Online Click on the database you would like to see; the particular index will open. Scroll down or do a “Find on this page” search.



Contains information on how to join this society to have access to the back issues of their newsletter.


The front page is updated regularly to show items recently uploaded as well as to provide historical and cultural information on current cultural events. You will also find links to free newsletters offered by some Belgian cultural and genealogical societies.