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Welcome to each of you who have joined J. Mark Lowe’s rural and agricultural records project! Mark indicates that you will be sowing a new field, writing genealogical advice on valuable records that most genealogists overlook, but which are key to unlocking the history of rural Southern families. We’re grateful to be able to help you share your legacy of knowledge with others! For a quick introduction to the wiki and to get a snapshot of the support that a couple of us at FamilySearch can provide, please see the project's Welcome page


Roylene Bailey mrks4
Melinda Henningfield mhenningfield
Kathryn Hopkins Kathopkins
Rick Koelz Rkoelz
J. Mark Lowe Marklowe
Gail Jackson Miller Gjmiller
Michael Ritchey RitcheyMT
Vicki Standing StandingVE
Lori Thornton Tnlori
Liz Walker Lizgwalker

Scope of the project

Orientation challenges

  1. Register and e-mail your username to the team.
  2. Learn basic editing by tweaking your user page and e-mail the team when you're done.
  3. Learn intermediate editing on The Editing Tool and e-mail the team when you're done.
  4. Visit Help:Edit and Contribute to see all the kinds of instructions the wiki has for various things you'll want to do as you edit pages. (From any wiki page you can navigate to this by clicking Help on the navigation bar and then clicking Edit & Contribute to the FamilySearch Wiki.)
  5. Read FamilySearch Wiki:Purpose and Appropriate Topics to understand what kinds of topics are inside (or outside) the wiki's scope. E-mail the team when you've finished. 
  6. Be aware that editing on the wiki works best in Internet Explorer 7. (Yes, I'm a Firefox guy too, but the editing software on this site happens to work better in IE. And IE7 works better than IE6.)
  7. Check out Create an internal link and Create an external link to learn how to make hyperlinks on the wiki.
  8. Read FamilySearch Wiki:Guiding Principles to understand the culture of this wiki. This'll give you a high-level understanding of what to expect from other community members.
  9. Briefly scan the bold text in FamilySearch Wiki:Policies. Don't read it, just scan it and be aware that it's there so you can refer to it when needed. (Reading this word for word is a super cure for insomnia.)

Goals and tasks

Current Project Goal: (25 Feb - 6 Mar 2010)

1. Add a short bio to your User Page - Click Edit; add your bio; click save at bottom.
2. Get familiar with the Wiki - especially the Rural Records page Rural Records of the Southern United States
3. Review the addition to Tax Laws and Records by Gail Miller.
4. We will schedule a chat and plan for learning and sharing.

Thanks, Mark

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