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The Swedish Printed Sources WikiProject is focused on building great lists of "printed genealogical sources" on every Swedish parish page in the FamilySearch Wiki (2,922 pages as of March 2011.)


There are thousands of great Swedish genealogical books published about specific families or people of the same community. Most of these were published in Sweden (by the Swedes for the Swedes.) The purpose of the Swedish Printed Sources project is to increase the visibility of these great resources on the respective parish pages.

Participation with this WikiProject

Anyone can help with the writing of Swedish titles and authors on the the parish pages. Participants help by looking up the names of titles from many sources such as:

After finding a source for a specific parish, add the title, author, and ISBN (if available) to the parish page. If the book has been digitized and is available online, please include a link to it.


1. Sign into the FamilySearch Wiki

2. Go to the parish page you want to work on.
This can be done by browsing through the county click-able map on the Sweden Portal Page to the county, and then the parish. Or a person can type the name of the parish in the search field and click on the magnifying glass.

3. Once you are on the parish page, click on the little edit box symbol (looks like a little box with a pencil in it) to the side of the words Related Sources.

4. Place your pointer on the blank space under the bullet Printed and click once. If you are signed in you will see a blinking cursor appear.

5. Type the title, author, and ISBN number (if available) of the genealogical book. Write this information as it is in Swedish, using the correct Swedish letters of Å, Ä, and Ö. To learn more about how to type in these letters see the article Type the letters Å, Ä, and Ö.

6. Click "Save Page" when you are done.


  • Once you click on "Edit" a timer begins a count down of about 20 minutes. If the count down times out before you click "Save Page" you will loose your work. To avoid loosing your work:

- Click "Save Page" occasionally

- Copy your work to the clipboard before saving

- Work offline in a program like Word and then paste it into the parish page.

Participating Swedish User Group Members

Project Leaders: MorrisGF

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Progress Chart

Once there are multiple contributors, the group will need to decide the best way to measure the progress of this project.