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12 Oct 2011

10/12/11 3 – 4:30 p.m. This meeting was held in the Main floor class room. I (Dawne)would suggest that we schedule these MeetingPlace meetings in a room that we can all sit around a table with a phone. It was too hard for James Tanner in Arizona to hear us many times.

In attendance: David Dilts, James Tanner, Laurie Hillier, Marilyn Markham, Pat Hardesty , Patsy Hendrickson (was there the last half hour. She was teaching), Dawne Hole

Marilyn talked about what UGA is doing and what Wilma is doing with the Utah project.

Beaver was used as the model county. James likes Beaver Co. because his Grandfather and Great grandfather lived in Beaver.

As to what should be on the State and County pages: James ask if there where that much difference and Marilyn said yes and showed James the task bar.

James thinks it would be helpful to have an example of a link and Marilyn then showed him there are some. Guideline as to whether to include the catalog James likes the link. Pat said we aren’t going to link only to the catalog. Pat and James agreed.

Pat would like to see step by step instructions on Cemeteries.

James suggested that the Wiki show why value the record and what’s in the record.

James would like to see a Military Gen Web link Marilyn thought it would make it worse.

Wilma wants to pattern the Utah Wiki Project like New York project.

Pat was concerned there did not appear to be instructions.

Pat does not mind the long lists James did. List in three columns both Pat and James agreed upon.

David says NY you want to look at Albany they have a template. James liked that.

Back to Beaver County. What do you want to see in County pages-?

  • Early Church Information, DUP, SUP on State. Pat felt this should appear under Library’s and Archives.
  • James said you could go to the sexton in Nephi and that is where records are kept.
  • Baptisms, marriages records- are found in record minutes, ward records; James wants to see where else.
  • Pat suggested to contact DUP in area- want them to do a page on town.
  • James wants to use World Cat. for records.
  • David spoke about Probate judges were also bishops – you can find early marriages because they kept records. In the Jenson Book you will find Probate Judges.
  • James talked about the donations he has –United Order records- land records -diaries
  • Was suggested that Church record online should be checked.
  • David what do you do about Counties that are no longer here?
  • We have records in state archives and peoples basements
  • James said we need to explain about land records David says no.
  • David said might be worthwhile to get photos of Churches.
  • Check out:
    • State History Society
    • DUP
    • State Libraries
    • You have to push some of these places for records
  • Ethnic policies Jewish, Greeks and American Indians
  • Patsy said when you have someone come they can create area where they live.
  • Mormon Trail, Southern, Union Pacific, Colonization/Emigration Utah hard to do Naturalization because county not aware what they have and haven’t got. Filmed Feds 1906 but in Utah 1893- 1930’s because Fed records asked you if believed in plural marriage.
  • Obituaries - depended if they mentioned other wives if the obituary appeared.
  • What about Poor House records we might be able to find Bishop store house records. A discussion then took place about whether bishops helped people outside of being members in an area. Some areas helped some did not. It is the opinion of the note taker that we are to help all people. Marilyn you may want both what they gave and to whom. James will put it on the talk page.
  • Emigration, Church, Public, and Probate they don’t know where many of these are said Laurie.
  • Other records that are important are taxation, Livestock and irrigation records; many are in the counties, as an example Millard Co.
  • Patsy said many of the early vital records are alphabetical and later changed.
  • David said early divorce records are scattered and hard to find.
  • James said another record we need to be aware of is Forest service transactions and they will be in the National Archives.

In a few weeks we will meet again.