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Welcome to the Wiki Maintenance and Cleanup Project. Everyone is invited to help keep the wiki clean through doing maintenance tasks.

Maintenance work is a vital part of keeping the Research Wiki user friendly for its researchers. While helping with the maintenance tasks, remember two things:

  • Take the appropriate tag(s) off the page when you have completed cleaning an article.
  • Document what you have done on the article's talk page for the reference of other editors.

Be careful to avoid creating more maintenance work through instruction creep (bloating of instructions due to numerous edits/additions). Organize when you can, but always keep the big picture in sight: we are here to create a resource for family history researchers. If you wish to contribute to FamilySearch Wiki in ways other than maintenance, please consider some suggestions of things you can do.

See also:

General Maintenance & Cleanup

Work that can be done by anyone, regardless of their knowledge about the subject matter of the articles in question.

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Content Maintenance

Work that needs some knowledge about or research into the subject matter of the articles in question.

Mall:Maintenance Resources/Content

Administrative Maintenance

Work that needs additional rights or specialized knowledge to fix.

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